busy, busy, busy

The last month has been insane around here, with a logo design, three prom dresses, Easter (with a small alteration for Emmaline's dress and a big one for mine), a trip to San Diego, and health issues. Phew! There's no real let up in sight, but I'm just fine with that!

So, here are a few glimpses of the lovely girls and their dresses, which I altered for LDS Prom (all pictures courtesy of Scott Mosher Photography):

Alterations: sleeve and hem (sleeves made from hem scraps)

Alterations: took in shoulder and side seams

Alterations: hemmed, corset, back and sleeves (I wish I had a  picture of the back - it was a huge undertaking and turned out fabulous, even if I stayed up until 5 am the day of finishing it!)

I love, love, love working with prom dresses and excited teens! I love the challenge each one poses and the feel of all that lovely satin in my hands. Plus, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from making a girl beam when she tries on her dress at the last fitting.

I'll post pictures of my dress alterations later, when I get around to actually finishing. At the moment, the dress is ok as is, but I really want it to look 100% before I tell anyone that I altered it :)