Happy Halloween!

Isn't this the cutest picture? I adore Shirley Temple.

Hope y'all have a happy Halloween! I know we will, cause this momma is takin' it easy and refusing to stress this year!

Oldie, but goodie: Halloweenish 2010

As I am still with out a computer, I figured I'd do a few "oldies but goodies" reposts of previous projects. Enjoy!

So, I succesfully combined these:

To make this:

And surprisingly, it was almost easy. 

Because I wanted the cartoon Queen of Hearts, I had a bit of an issue finding a pattern. I finally decided that S2813 would do the trick, since it had a seam up the front bodice, making it easy to do the black on one side and the red on the other. I didn't, however, notice that the front of the skirt wasn't a traditional one piece that has a seam at the side of the hips. Instead, it has the back pieces wrapping around to the front panel 1/3 of the way in from the sides. So, I decided to make the underskirt the front skirt panel (the black and yellow chevrons, just ziggzaged on) and then cut the back pieces into 4, instead of cutting on the fold and making 2. If that makes any sense.

It was a pretty easy pattern change and for once, I put a zipper in easily. There is something to be said for Simplicity's zipper installation instructions. So much easier than the method I've always used, but not as clean looking as the method on the zipper packaging. It works really well for costumes, though!
I used broadcloth for the entire dress, with a heavy weight pellon for the collar and bodice interfacing. If I make the pattern again, I'll add some boning to the bodice, since it tended to bunch up a bit. Other than that, I wouldn't change much about the pattern.

On another note, I'm almost ready to open the etsy shop, so hopefully it'll be ready by the end of the week. Which would be tomorrow....

Oldie, but goodie: RePurpose

As I am still with out a computer, I figured I'd do a few "oldies but goodies" reposts of previous projects. Enjoy!


Have you heard of Project Run and Play? It's a competition a la Project Runway, with various bloggers who sew children's clothes competing for something. Honestly, I have no idea what the prize is for winning, but I like following the blog and getting inspiration from the weekly challenges.  Week before last's challenge was vintage or retro inspired clothing, so I decided that I should merge two shirts I had that were just waiting to be refashioned into a dress for the Bean. Taking inspiration from the sweet 50s/60s (of course I didn't save the picture when I found it on google search and now I can't find it again) and with a little help from Simplcity, I created this:

{jeggings - only adorable on pint sizes}
from these:
This fucshia shirt is a H&M smock that I bought while nursing - it looked really good then, but after we I moved on from that and I lost a bit of weight, it just looks frumpy dumpy.

This navy shirt is a Gap shirt my Mom bought me in my nursing days, as well. The top part always looked good, but the bottom was too billowy for my frame so I always looked preggo. No beuno.

Both shirts were made out of lovely fabric (hello navy blue eyelet! fuchsia and navy blue floral!) and I think together they look smashing.  To make the toddler jumper, I just cut up the bottom of the navy shirt into bias strips (for the ruffle and the edging of the yoke), used the eyelet for the top of the jumper, and then cut down the middle of the fuchsia, keeping the pockets intact, but reducing the amount of fabric. I wish I had been able to get a clear shot of the pockets - Bean is really into pockets these days and is thrilled that this dress has them for all her rocks.

Thanks, Project Run & Play for giving me the inspiration I needed to finally turn these duds into an adorable jumper!

Oldie, but goodie: Scarf Dress

As I am still with out a computer, I figured I'd do a few "oldies but goodies" reposts of previous projects. Enjoy!


Remember this post? How I was able to make a woman's elastic waist skirt out of one scarf?
Well, about a year later, I finally got around to using the other scarf I purchased and turned it into a toddler dress.

Using Simplicity 2709, I cut out view F and used muslin for the lining. It's a simple pattern, well written, but the dress is a bit time consuming. Nothing too crazy, though, just takes a bit of time to make all the tiers.
When I was finished, the dress needed something else to break up the small print, so I made a few yo-yos to put across the middle. But then the fabric was just a tad too bright an aqua (I used the scraps left over from this shirt).  Feeling a bit thwarted, but thrifty, I decided to dunk the yo-yos in bleach to see what happened to the color.
The end result? Perfection. They didn't bleach evenly (the fabric had a raw thread to it) and it matched the older feel of the calico perfectly. I love it when my brilliant ideas work out!
Too bad my daughter had a melt down when she saw the flowers - she liked  it better "naked" as she put it. Such a hard life. :)
**no we didn't get a dog - we are dog sitting for some friends**

Oldie, but goodie: Easter Dresses 2011

As I am still with out a computer, I figured I'd do a few "oldies but goodies" reposts of previous projects, posted on my old blog.  Enjoy!


As I mentioned before, I bought my Easter dress this year. (pictures to come, promise)

That is my excuse for the absolute frivolity I am about to share with you.

I had purchased a sparkly swirl chiffon for a princess dress for Bean, but it ended up being too pink for what I wanted. So, I figured I'd pick up some pink satin and use it for this years Easter dress for her. I wanted a short sleeve dress with a full skirt and Simplicity patterns were $1 at Joanns, so I picked one up that fit the bill.

I decided that the pattern just wasn't enough.

The dress told me that it should have petticoat tulle underneath for some poof.

And  needed a sash.

With some rosettes.

Whats a pattern, anyhow, but a starting point? Even with my additions, the pattern was well written and easy to follow (I beginning to change my mind about Simplicity....). And I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I may either shorten the satin hem or add a ruffle to the chiffon overlay, since the 1" difference is bothering me.

Overboard? Maybe.

But she loves it, so I'm happy.

Pattern used: Simplicity 5704 (dress) and 2726 (rosettes & ties)

Oldie, but goodie: Perhaps not an epic fail

As I am still with out a computer, I figured I'd do a few "oldies but goodies" reposts of previous projects, posted on my old blog.  Enjoy!


This morning I hunkered down and completed the box.

It ain't pretty. Nor is it completley functional as I had intended it to be, for it is too wide to sit on the back of the toilette. It does, however, match the bathroom quiet well and holds the cloth diapers quite well, as intended.

So I didn't epically fail, but still not as successful as I would have liked.
{I used this tutorial as a guide}

Oldie, but goodie: Fabric Boxes

As I am still with out a computer, I figured I'd do a few "oldies but goodies" reposts of previous projects. I used to blog over at wordpress, but after feeling rather limited css/html wise and hating my url, I moved back over to blogger earlier this year.  I wasn't able to import my posts, so let's do this old fashion style and just repost them as new. Enjoy!


Are you thrifty? Even, perhaps, cheap? Are you a fan of reduce, reuse, recycle? Do you love using what you have on hand? Do you love organization and those sweet boxes that hold everything? Do you like to sew? Do you find yourself at the store, thinking to yourself, "Self, we could make that! Why buy it?!!"

Then maybe, you thought, like I did, that $10 for a fabric storage box, like this one, is outrageous. That you could make one out of extra fabric at home, make it the exact dims that you want and it would be perfect. Maybe, like me, you've decided to make your own. Perhaps you've collected an absurd amount of old cereal boxes for just that purpose.

Maybe you've experienced an epic fail and come to the realization that it is, indeed, worth the $10 to buy a storage bin.

If you have, then lets be friends. If you haven't, take my adivce and just buy the stupid things from IKEA or some place. If you've tried to make one on your own and succeeded, please don't mention it. I'm still upset that this box making stuff has bested me.

Baby talk: prams

My kids will be 5 years apart, so I've been contemplating how to haul the two of them around. We go on longer walks, where Miss E spends 50% - 100% of the time in her stroller, all depending on her mood. Originally, before the five year gap, I planned to either carry the baby in a sling and use the single stroller for Emmaline, or buy a Combi Twin Sport. Now that E is a busy 4.5 yr old, I'm not sure either set up will be ideal.

So, readers, I spent a few days looking up stroller options. Most seem to be geared towards multiples or children closer in age. I cant imagine a side by side double stroller being fun to push with 40 lbs on one side and 15 on the other. Plus, my Mom has a Combi stroller that while nicer than an umbrella, has some major design flaws (like terrible storage baskets, a flexible bar, and short foot rests). Tandem strollers hold little appeal to me, as one child's view is blocked and they are long and hard to maneuver.  I did find two strollers that seem to be good options, both with very different price tags and very different set ups.

The first is the Britax BReady. $319.96 at Amazon.
Britax B-Ready Stroller 2012
 I have always loved my bestie's Phil and Teds jogger, except for the wheels. They are regular tires, so they get flats. Not such a good thing to deal with in our rural town (50% of our area is incorporated county, which means, no real sidewalks). The BReady has plastic wheels, but a very similar design to the Phil and Teds. I love that there are a bazillion ways to configure the stroller- most importantly, it converts into a double with an extra set. Only problem is, the extra seat is an aditional $150. Plus, the child in the second seat doesn't have a great view of things.

The second is the Joovy Caboose UltraLight. $229.95 at Amazon.
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller
 Made by the former head of Baby Trends design team, the Caboose is a lighter, more functional version of the Sit'n'Stand from Baby Trends. I love that there is a bench for the older child, a large basket, is lightweight, has a universal infant seat adapter, and has a large sunshade (covers both kids). I can also find one used for about $150. The caveats - hard to get to basket, doesn't stand up when folded, doesn't handle rough terrain well, no one hand collapse, and a short foot rest.

So, what are your takes? Should I just stick with my trusty Chicco Cortina and make E hoof it? Or do I invest in a new stroller? What works for you? I'd love to know!