Baby Talk: Diapering

My computer got fried the other day, so Im working from a loner and the ipad. Which means, no pictures. Sad day :(  I've got a few projects to show you and maybe even a tutorial! Gasp. I never seem to have the patientce for those things.

Anyways, while I am in computer limbo, lets talk more about baby stuff!

Todays subject?

Cloth diapers!

Most people love them, some don't even entertain the arcane notion, others have tried and gone back to disposables, and others are eager to try.

Myself? We did cloth diapers while potty training Emmaline. I hated them. I loathed those days of stinky morning bums, constant laundry, rinsing solids out in the toilet, and wet pails. Maybe it was the system I was using (econobum covers with prefolds), but we were going for the most uncomfortable option, to help Miss E move to the potty.  It was a dark period in diapering for us.

Previously, we used Huggies exclusively, then moved into Luvs and Target brand when E got bigger. My only problem with disposable diapers is having to go to the store! I like being self sufficient and part of me still likes the idea of having all the diapers I need at home, only a mere wash away. Does that even begin to justify all the things I hated about cloth? I don't know. I'm not worried about the environment, I do my part in other ways, and the cost in extra electricity and water for us was almost a break even each month. California is not a cheap utilities state. Cheap anything, really.

I find myself on the fence. The Hubs has already announced his refusal to change cloth diapers, which is a big point for me, the ultimate believer in "Its your turn" co diapering. But the cloth fad beckons. Cute colors! Ease of use! Never buy another diaper again! Can I resist the siren call? We shall see.

So, lovely readers, what is your take on the cloth diapering? Favorite brands? Systems? Care to knock some sense into me with a few disposable diapers?

Do tell!

Design ADD


There's a problem with being a graphic designer: I'm rarely happy with my blog designs. Once I find one I like, I keep it forever, but it takes a looong time to get there. Hence why this blog under goes so many changes. I'm still learning html and ccs coding; every time I learn something new or see a site with an awesome layout, I have to change this one up.  Just bear with me, I'll figure out the look soon  enough.

For now, enjoy the blue flowers and script font. I'm diggin' copperplate calligraphy right now - I may just pick it up as my newest hobby. If you do, too, you should sign up for Melissa Esplin's online course. I'm saving my pennies so I can!

What's in a name? {Girls Names}

Now, let's talk baby girl names!

Oh, how I love girls' names. I tend to like older, British, short names, which seem to be en vogue right now. (not really what someone with a very common last name wants to hear...)

I think it's the backlash of having a longer, very popular name growing up, that had a slightly less popular spelling. Plus, a very uncommon, slightly unfortunate last name. I want my girls to have a name that people can say and spell, but sets them a little apart from the crowd.

Here are a few off my very long list:

  • Vera - one of my favorite names, but the hubs doesn't love it. Too stuffy for him.
  • Mae - so simple, yet so pretty, I'd love to use it as a first name. Helps that May is my birth month.
  • Marilla - Thanks to Anne of Green Gables, Marilla has had a soft spot in my heart for years. The hubs thinks its too musty to be used.
  • Daphne - we both love this Greek name, but I hesitate to use it for no real reason. 
  • Millie -thoroughly modern, yet good enough to get 7 brides for 7 brothers. Love that it's sort of like Mary, which is my grandmother-in-law's name and my aunt's.
  • Jane - a name that we both love, but would never, ever use. Sadly, it's the name of the woman who my Grandfather married after leaving my Grandmother (whose middle name myself, my mother, and my daughter all share and just happens to be similar to Jane). Sadly, it's also the Hubs' grandmother's middle name.
  • Moira - oh, how my heart longs to use this British name! So pretty and exotic. Somehow, I will get the Hubs to see past the "Angela Moira Darling" connection.
  • Olive - another older name that seems so fresh. The hubs hates that it's tied to Olive Oyl and Olive the other reindeer.
  • Delia - I know, it was a popular teen clothing magazine back in the 90s, but I love that it's simple, easy to spell, but not common.
  • Eloise - although I don't like the books, I do love the name. So classy and french.
  • Daria - yup, I've loved it since I found the on screen version of myself in MTV's cartoon back in high school. I love that it's strong, but feminine enough to sound pretty. And so very apathetic ;)
  • Eliza - I've loved this name even before the most adorable, gregarious little girl became a good friend to Emmaline. Now I love it even more, but the Hubs doesn't want all E names. I don't blame him.
  • Amelia - love, love, love this name. So pretty, so easy to say and spell, yet so very popular right now. Maybe in a few years...
  • Zoe - another en vogue name, but one that I've liked since reading "Baby Blues" in the Sunday comics as a kid.

So, readers, what are your favorite girls names??

Whats in a name? {Boys Names}

Ahh, baby names. I love, love names. Even when I'm not in the market for names, I often day dream about names.

Five years ago, when we were pregnant with Emmaline, it was a no brainer. We had her name picked out far before her conception.

Now, as we comtemplate names for baby #2, I find myself stumped.  I have a list of names that I have collected over the years, but many of them the Hubby doesn't love. Le sigh.

So, lets talk naby names!

Since the dr thinks its a boy, lets start with a few of my favorite boy names: 
  • Amos - sturdy, off beat, with a lot of British flair. The Hubs worked with an Amos, who was an awesome due. Only concern, the poor kid being called Famous Amos or anus.
  • Aston - love the cars, love the pronnounciation (Austin), but the spelling will throw the car ignorant off. And Aston Hanson is one too many -ons.
  • West - ever since I read The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood in high school, I have loved the name. Hubby dislikes that its not a "real name".
  • Lee - you can thank Lee Pace for my love of this name. Just cant saddle a child with a plain name like Lee Hanson. Espcially when there are so many female Leighs floating around.
  • Webb - another name thats strong, yet offbeat. I love the way it sounds with Hanson, but the Hubs isnt a fan. Plus, the spider webb nickname may haunt him.
  • Eoin - the Irish form of John (which is the given name of both our fathers). This one went on the list early this year. I love the sound, but yet again, the poor thing would have his name mispronounced all the time. Hubby doesn't like it either, but I think it would make a great middle name.
  • Lewis - my late Grandfather's name. He went by Lew and I love it. Love it. We will use it one day, the hubby has no say in it,  but most likely as a middle name.
  • Warren - I'm a direct descendant of Richard Warren, so this name is rich in history for me. Hubby doesn't like it much, (he really dislikes the current trend of last names as first names) but I argue that Warren Beatty made it cool long before people started using last names as first names.

Now its your turn!

What names do you adore for a baby boy??

An Announcement

That's right, folks! We are expecting baby #2 around Feb 27, 2013. We are all very excited to be welcoming a little one into our home. I've been pretty sick, so sewing projects have come to almost complete stop. Hopefully, now that I'm in my 2nd trimester, I can get back on the wagon and start posting a whole lot more!