Whats in a name? {Boys Names}

Ahh, baby names. I love, love names. Even when I'm not in the market for names, I often day dream about names.

Five years ago, when we were pregnant with Emmaline, it was a no brainer. We had her name picked out far before her conception.

Now, as we comtemplate names for baby #2, I find myself stumped.  I have a list of names that I have collected over the years, but many of them the Hubby doesn't love. Le sigh.

So, lets talk naby names!

Since the dr thinks its a boy, lets start with a few of my favorite boy names: 
  • Amos - sturdy, off beat, with a lot of British flair. The Hubs worked with an Amos, who was an awesome due. Only concern, the poor kid being called Famous Amos or anus.
  • Aston - love the cars, love the pronnounciation (Austin), but the spelling will throw the car ignorant off. And Aston Hanson is one too many -ons.
  • West - ever since I read The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood in high school, I have loved the name. Hubby dislikes that its not a "real name".
  • Lee - you can thank Lee Pace for my love of this name. Just cant saddle a child with a plain name like Lee Hanson. Espcially when there are so many female Leighs floating around.
  • Webb - another name thats strong, yet offbeat. I love the way it sounds with Hanson, but the Hubs isnt a fan. Plus, the spider webb nickname may haunt him.
  • Eoin - the Irish form of John (which is the given name of both our fathers). This one went on the list early this year. I love the sound, but yet again, the poor thing would have his name mispronounced all the time. Hubby doesn't like it either, but I think it would make a great middle name.
  • Lewis - my late Grandfather's name. He went by Lew and I love it. Love it. We will use it one day, the hubby has no say in it,  but most likely as a middle name.
  • Warren - I'm a direct descendant of Richard Warren, so this name is rich in history for me. Hubby doesn't like it much, (he really dislikes the current trend of last names as first names) but I argue that Warren Beatty made it cool long before people started using last names as first names.

Now its your turn!

What names do you adore for a baby boy??


  1. West is on the top of our list for a boy. I love it! Other names that have been tossed around (no I'm not expecting and don't know if we will have another one but like you said, baby names are fun!) are Abel, Abraham, William (Will), Liam, Asher, Levi, Jude. Have fun picking the perfect name for your little one!

  2. It's so fun to dream about names! Our next boy (if there is another baby) will be George. That's mostly for the namesake, but it's really growing on me. The only trouble is I'm really lousy at making G's. I'm going to have to go to handwriting camp. ;)

  3. Ooo, love so many of your choices!

    We've actually tossed the name West around if our next (and most likely last) one is a boy. It's a family name on Spencer's side. Love it! I also really Lewis and Warren on your list. Overall, though, a good list!

    As for my baby name picks...let's see...I love the name Theron but hubbs says it sounds like a girls name. I love Fletcher, but I worry the whole "f" sound is too trendy. Ooo, Archer too. I loved Emmett and Jasper long before Stephanie Meyer used 'em ;)

  4. I vote for West, although I like Lewis, too. My boys names could be last names!