Oldie, but goodie: Scarf Dress

As I am still with out a computer, I figured I'd do a few "oldies but goodies" reposts of previous projects. Enjoy!


Remember this post? How I was able to make a woman's elastic waist skirt out of one scarf?
Well, about a year later, I finally got around to using the other scarf I purchased and turned it into a toddler dress.

Using Simplicity 2709, I cut out view F and used muslin for the lining. It's a simple pattern, well written, but the dress is a bit time consuming. Nothing too crazy, though, just takes a bit of time to make all the tiers.
When I was finished, the dress needed something else to break up the small print, so I made a few yo-yos to put across the middle. But then the fabric was just a tad too bright an aqua (I used the scraps left over from this shirt).  Feeling a bit thwarted, but thrifty, I decided to dunk the yo-yos in bleach to see what happened to the color.
The end result? Perfection. They didn't bleach evenly (the fabric had a raw thread to it) and it matched the older feel of the calico perfectly. I love it when my brilliant ideas work out!
Too bad my daughter had a melt down when she saw the flowers - she liked  it better "naked" as she put it. Such a hard life. :)
**no we didn't get a dog - we are dog sitting for some friends**

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