It's Catching Like Wildfire!

Along with sewing, I love crafts. I'm rather particular on the kind of craft, so when I first saw this pin floating around pinterest, my first reaction was "meh"
Fun spring time wreath, because I know while I may not love it now, I probably will come spring and then I won't be able to find the pin!
If you know the real link, I'd love to have it!

Then, I looked through my sister's stash of yarn she was donating to DI and I found a skein of some mossy looking fury yarn.


Mossy yarn = mossy looking wreath

So, I made a "Woodland Fairy Wreath".

Can you believe I made the form out of half a pool noodle? Pretty clever, eh? I can't take credit, since I saw someone use plumbing tube foam (you know, that grey stuff they covered exposed pipes with to keep them from breaking), but I did take it up a notch. Instead of doing a flat end, I cut the ends at opposing diagonals, so the foam would make a near perfect circle.

The cost of this project?


I had all the supplies in my stash! The flowers came from an old flower crown thing I made for a Renaissance Faire and the pearl headed pins were from my short lived days as a bouquet maker.  I love how my goal for my fabric stash is carrying over into other areas like wildfire. Makes me pretty proud to be using what I have and doing my little bit to cut back on the clutter life seems to collect.

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