Emmaline and I spent two weeks with our besties last month and had a blast! Even if we missed Daddy like crazy.

For our special vacation, I made Emmaline and her BFF matching nightgowns from an old sheet my mom gave me. Emmaline was upset that the nightgown wasn't "pink enough", but her friend was in love at first sight. At least the night attire was a hit with one of them!

I used McCalls pattern no 4547, with a few alterations. I added a bias tape casing for the neckline elastic, instead of a self casing for cording. I've used this pattern once in the past to make a nightgown for Emmaline, but to make it sleep safe, I swapped the cording for elastic. This time the seld casing gave me issues. Each time I tried  to fold down the neckline, the casing would bunch and pull. Not cool. Luckily, my mom gave me a few bias tape makers and it was a breeze to make my own bias tape. So I hemmed the neck and stitched the bias tape casing close to the hem. I love that the neckline has a little ruffle now. I also cut out a size 5/6, so the girls can wear them for a long time. That is, if Emmaline would consent to wearing hers!

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  1. i think i want to make one for me and i'll bring kinze's when we come. maybe e will wear it then.