4th of July

Our good friends come every 4th to visit for a few days and I try to make the girls matching outfits for Independence day. This year, I used an old 60s pattern that is quick and easy - two things I need when making multiples. I've been holding on to the blue flower print seersucker for years, just waiting for the perfect pattern. I managed to make the two dresses and one shirt for baby bestie Rie out of the two yards I had. The white ruffles are from an old bed skirt. Yay for sticking to my guns! Too bad the weather ended up being cold for July, so the girls were freezing, but my, they looked adorable.

I even did the girls' hair in a star 'do, that I found on The Story of a Princess and Her Hair. Adorable hair dos, if you can get your princess to sit still!

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