Picture Day Dress

I made my first oliver + s Fairytale dress for E's 2nd grade pictures. I've made three since, so you could say it's a favorite. The pattern actually sat in my queue for almost a year before I finally splurged on just the right fabric. Which was Cotton+ Steel Mustangs, purchased from fabric.com. I hesitated to buy it because it's a) quilting cotton and b) expensive. My general inclination is not to use quilting cotton for clothing, as it's heavier and more stiff than say, a cotton gauze or lawn. For kid's clothes, though, one can get away with using quilting cotton. Which is fantastic, given all the lovely choices these days. Oy. Remember the days of only being able to find hideous quilting cotton at JoAnn? Anyways, Miss E adored the fabric and I'm glad I indulged her. Those Cotton + Steel folks make one high quality product.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I made a straight up size 7 and it was wide on her slender frame. There were a few instructions that I found time consuming (like hand stitching the lining to the zipper. You better believe I used my machine.), but overall, it's a fantastic pattern. Just size down and add length if you have a string bean.
She hates her modeling, sadly.

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