Freebie: Cleaning Calendar

I don't know about you, but I seriously hate cleaning. Some people have a Mary Poppins attitude towards the mundane tasks of house work, but not I. Nope, I don't find much fun in breaking my back scouring shower walls or scrubbing toilets. 

I do, however, get in what the Hubs calls "crazy cleaning mode". This is where I turn into a furious tornado of cranky cleaning, muttering under my breath how no one seems to ever put things away (myself included) and how gross our house is. 

No one likes cranky cleaning Kristin. Not even myself.

I've realized through the years that I do better with the unpleasant tasks if I break things up into baby tasks. So when a friend of mine showed me her cleaning schedule (found here), I knew it was for me. The design however, was not. Neither was the schedule or all the chores.

Last night, I sat down and designed my own Cleaning Calendar. I'm happy to say that doing one chore a day is really helping me keep on top of the house work. As my dear friend's mom says, "You don't have to like housework or cleaning or organizing. But if you want to live in a tidy, organized house that smells nice and isn't crawling with ants, you gotta do what you gotta do."

This girl has gotta take it in baby steps, with a pretty schedule. If you do, too, feel free to download and print my design. 

(click the picture to download)


  1. Ooo, love it! I love the distribution and the entire look! I'm a hard person to please when it comes to cleaning calendars b/c, frankly, they just expect too darn much of me...but yours is truly perfect!

  2. i too saw that cleaning chart and loved it. i even had it on my bookmarks until i had time to look at it and make it what i wanted it to be. but i might like yours a little more without having to change a whole lot. i have to vacuum more than once a week but i think that would be my only change. wait laundry is on the wrong day and i would do the bathrooms all in one sweep. fine, i'll make my own. can you send it to me so that i can fix it for my own? i like the set up at least!