Two Months & a Baby Blessing

Geth is now two months old. I feel like one day I was pregnant, the next I had a baby and now, day three, he's two months old. As my sister-in-law remarked today, "all of this" happened so quickly. In fact, I think all of 2012 happened in a blink of an eye!

Geth, the most smiley baby ever, was blessed last week. It was a beautiful day, filled with our wonderful family. Somehow, we managed to fit all 35 of them into our backyard! Our (1800 sq ft) home was filled to the brim with love.

Our first family photo since Geth's arrival

Poor baby ended up being too big for the blessing outfit I made him. Grandma to the rescue! She ran to the Janie and Jack outlet near her home and found this adorable outfit that fit. I hate to admit this, but I liked it better than what I made. That story, in full, is another post for another day!

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  1. congrats! congrats! he's so darn beautiful...and so are you!