KCW: April 2014

Seems that I participate in Kids Clothes Week annually. Usually at the same time I am busy altering prom dresses, designing fliers, logos, etc. Go figure. I seem to function best with a fire lit beneath.

My planned KCW projects were whittled down from four to just one... and a half. A dress for Miss E and a bow tie for Geth. No pictures of the bow tie, as Mr Fourteen month old refused to leave it on. Oh well.

Miss E has asked for more dresses, which I am thrilled to make her. Shirts and pants, but dresses were my first sewing crush. I let her pick the fabric for this dress from my stash. Which is over run with girl prints. Yet another reason this attempt at KCW was derailed. No fabric suitable for the wee man, who really needs clothes.

(excuse all the visually amputated feet - Miss E has become extremely stubborn and only lasts about 2 mins these days)

After attempting to draft my own pattern, I decided to go the easier route and used a vintage Simplicity pattern. Super simple, quick and twirly. Problem is, I don't want her wearing it to school now!

The popsicle print cotton poplin is from Joanns, part of the Little Lisette Spring 2013 line. Such a lovely, high quality fabric. Not something I really want her to romp around the playground in, now that I've sewn it up.

I made two changes to the pattern: I added about 3" to the hemline and swapped the zipper for a loop and button closure. So much faster!

Now to talk her out of wearing it school....

Fabric: cotton poplin Little Lisette Spring '13 collection
Headband: H&M
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: LC for Khols

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  1. That dress is SO cute! I think you should just make another one in a more durable fabric and let her wear it to school. Easier said than done, I'm sure.