Birthday Shirt

For my birthday this year, my hubby surprised me with a new (to me) sewing machine. I could scarce believe my eyes when I opened up the giant box and found a lovely Bernina Activa 230 PE waiting inside. For the past 15 years, I've been sewing on my mom's old Bernina 800 (circa 1970). A workhorse of a machine, it never batted an eye at leather, denim, satin, knit, or anything else I put it up against. My only complaint was that it only did two stitches: straight and zigzag. Not a big issue for me, but it was literally my one and only complaint.

Only when I noticed that all of my female in-laws seemed to be getting new sewing machines, did I ever voice a wish for a newer machine. (I am, after all, the seamstress/ tailor of our group.) David, the darling husband that he is, heard the longing in my voice and searched eBay for a suitable upgrade. Luckily for him, any machine made in the last 30 years would be an upgrade. As long as it was a Bernina, of course. And a Bernina he found.  Even one purchased from the same store my mother purchased hers from in the 70s! Serendipity, I say. Serendipity.

I have used my machine almost every day since I plugged it in. Shorts for the kids, alterations, teddy bears for the Kinder Teddy Bear Picnic, among other projects I can't even remember sewing. For myself, though, I sewed up a shirt. A birthday shirt, drafted, cut, sewn and worn on said day. I can not say enough about the ease of a machine that can do everything. All I have to do it switch a foot here and there. It is bliss.

Don't be fooled by my "sunisinmyfacedidthestupidremoteworkthistime?" face. I love this shirt. Laundry gets done so I can wear it. Around here, that sort of a big deal.

Self drafted from a GAP outlet knit shirt that I adore, this top is made from a rayon challis, black cotton lace and a cheap black quilting cotton for lining. I didn't want to line the lace, but once I cut out the top, I realized the lace was too open for my level of modesty. Layering in heat is one my least favorite things, so I opted to line the lace and forgo the dreaded undershirt. This top is so light and airy - perfect for the heat that has already blasted us here in NorCal.

Both the cotton lace and the floral rayon challis are from Fabric's R Us in San Jose. My favorite place to buy fabric - their selection is huge, the prices are super cheap, and the Vitenamese ladies who run the store are adorable. Well worth the long drive to get there. I think the whole shirt cost me a whopping $5. Happy Birthday to meee!

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  1. CUTE! Glad you got a new machine to play with. =)