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While I'm plugging away at making Emmaline's Easter dress (early, I know, but I'm trying hard to be ready by the 8 am deadline on Friday for the Project Run and Play's special occasion wear challenge), I thought I'd share my two main resources for pattern making and sewing.

First, is the book I've been using since I started to sew: the Vogue Sewing Book.
The Vogue Sewing Book of Fitting, adjustments, and Alterations

Mine is definitely vintage, with a copyright of 1972, but the information is dynamite. It was my mom's back in the day, which is fitting, because my work horse of a sewing machine (a 700 Bernina)was hers, too. Ever wonder what a french seam is, or how to do one correctly? Wonder how to easily put in a zipper? It's all in here baby. There's a 2006 edition of the Vogue Sewing book, with a lovely cover.

Second, is my pattern making book, Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph-Armstrong. 

Patternmaking for Fashion Design (Cloth) (4th Edition)

(I have the 4th edition; there's also a 5th edition now available.) 

This I bought back in the day when I thought I'd make my own wedding dress. My fashion design friend told me to get it and make a sloper to start. I never did finish my sloper pattern, nor make my wedding dress, but this book has proven invaluable. It's a pretty penny, but man, if you are serious about making your own patterns, it's a must have.  Even the wildly talented Gertie from Gertie's Guide to Better Sewing uses it.

Aside from my serger's guide book, these are the two books that I use most often when sewing.

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