Stash Project #2

For my second stash project, I made another Junebug dress inspired frock.

This time, I took an old house dress/coat I bought at a thrift store in college and cut it up. I completely forgot to snap a before picture, but just imagine a 60s house dress, knee length, sleeveless, with giant buttons down the front. Ah, the days when I loved all things crazy and vintage.  The cotton, albeit retina burning in print, is a really nice heavy cotton that I thought would make an excellent play dress for Miss Emmaline.

My changes to the Junebug dress for this dress are quite different from the Birthday dress. Since I already had the bodice and skirt drafted up, this frock was super easy to change up and crank out.

I added an invisible zipper to the back (my first - I'll never go back to lapped zippers again!), put a button and loop fastener to the top of the zipper, sewed shut the button placket in the front bodice, added two of the giant buttons to the front, and left the deep pockets on the front. Emmaline loves that the dress is "all my favorite colors!" and that she's allowed to play in the mud while wearing it.

Problem is, now that I've made it a play dress, I rather like the fabric pattern on a pint sized person... It may kill me when it gets a stain that won't budge. Ah well, she's got to have at least one dress she can wear while tromping through weeds.

Just wait, I have yet another stash project to share! I'm not quite done with it (it needs button holes and buttons), but it's another failed attempt to enter into the Project Run and Play sew at home competition.

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  1. so very adorable. i was thinking that i could pull off a basic jumper and have benton do the zipper (he has patience for such things). we'll see. the nightgown didn't work. when they mean only use stretchy fabric, that's exactly what they mean. not sure why kinze doesn't like to sleep in a straight jacket.