For starters

Hello! Welcome to my new blog. I think I should get an award for the most deleted blogs.... I can't seem to stick with the same blog address for very long. So, this time, I'm going with a generic www and changing the name when I get bored with it.

I'm also going back to blogger, because while Wordpress has awesome functionality, I couldn't edit the HTML without paying $10 a year. I'm too cheap for that, so back to blogger I go.

I figured it was fitting to make the switch now, as I embark on two rather crazy goals for the year:

1) to use only fabric from my stash.
2) make all of Emmaline's clothes.

I'm not sure what this year will hold for me, but I'm excited to see where only buying notions will lead me. I've already made two dresses for Miss Emmaline's from my stash!

As my bestie suggested, I'm sharing pics of my stash with you, no editing or cleaning prior (and all taken with my iPad). Don't judge me on the state of things in my sewing room. Just keeping it real here, folks, just keeping it real.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed at your fabric collection! Good luck with it all!

  2. ack@!!! i just found this blog. i was wondering where it was hiding. i'm thinking of staying for a month and make clothes with you (aka: watch you make clothes for e and fix the ones that i make for the m and v.) mmmmm sounds like a dream to me......bestie....sewing.....horchata.....what else can a girl ask for?